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Default Re: First time with Carnival

The Destiny is a very nice ship. Those that are complaining are usually the ones that were in what is known as the "night-owl" cabins directly over the Disco. After it was realized the problem in the location of these couple of cabins they were eliminated in the Triumph the next in line to be built and those cabins on the Destiny were reduced with the knowledge that they were noisy. The others complain because they do not like the fact that many Purto Ricans are also onboard. I leave that fact alone as I disagree with them on this point. The Itinary is fantastic and even more so if you are the type that loves to meet new people and cultures. The islands are really beautiful. Unfortunately there are those that want to sail to exoptic places but also want it to look like and act like the USA. Sorry, doesn't work that way as there are some very poor nations and people tend to speak their native language and not speak English all that well. <G> Go and enjoy and write your own review when you return. I for one think that the Southern Caribbean is the nicest cruise of all.

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