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Originally Posted by colorcrazie
You're not good looking, you are beautiful! And kudoes to you and your mom for having the sense to know how much not to show. Besides, that Chicago "breeze" can be a chilly one sometimes!
I did meet a young lady a few years ago on a cruise who dressed very would-be rocker. Lots of leather and metal. She was a sweetie, but could not understand why she was getting hassled so much in ports. Parents were a tad oblivious. The teen said that she always dressed the same way and I tactfully explained that since she lived in a small town, people there probably knew her well enough to not misinterpret her dress. Other countries, other standards and her attire screamed "cheap" to them. So, just be aware that standards may be different elsewhere. I once got approached by a cop in a foreign country who informed me that the way I was sitting was how prostitutes in their country "advertised". Trust one in the States would ever look at me and assume that!
Marty the middle aged

aww thanks so much. yes we always have to be aware of the way we dress.

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