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Default Re: james bond look white dinner jacket w/ black slacks

Originally Posted by Rev22:17

Originally Posted by You
going to hawaii celebrity november 9 to november 23, this will be a wedding moon, husband to be wants to wear the white dinner jacket w/ black slacks .....james bondish, heard from some very season cruisers that the white dinner jacket is so 10 years ago and nobody wears them to hear from someone who has been on a tropical cruise, Did you see any men on the formal night wearing this thanks
Theres something confused here, because a "dinner jacket" is never worn with slacks. Rather, it's worn with formal dress pants with the satin stripes in the outseam, a pleated shirt, and a bow tie with a (usually matching) vest or cummerbund. White dinner jackets are often similar in style to a "tuxedo" and typically have white satin lapels. With slack, one normally wears a sport coat -- which is NOT the same thing as a dinner jacket.

Anyway, a white or pastel dinner jacket is proper gentleman's attire for "black tie" events in warm weather, which generally means in the summer season (which extends further into the spring and fall the closer to the tropics you go) in temperate climates and any time of year in the tropics and subtropical regions. A white sport coat would be proper "informal" atire during the same seasons.

And I'm not up on the latest fashion trends so I can't comment as to whether white sport coats are "in" or "out" from a standpoint of fashion. I do know that white dinner jackets are quite readily available for rent from most "tuxedo" shops, so they obviously are not "out" right now.

And in case you are confused by my distinction between a dinner jacket and a "tuxedo," a "tuxedo" is actually a black dinner jacket of a secific style first worn at The Tuxedo Club in New York, from which it acquired the nickname.

I bet Marty Robbins would've known........
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