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Default "Personal" Vacation Planners

Today I recieved a call at work, a call on my cell phone, and a call at home from Three different, "Personal" Vacation Planners. What is going on? Has Carnival outsourced this segment to a call center? Can they not get me with just one person?
Last time I sailed Carnival I got an e-mail saying that the following Wednesday was thier biggest sale ever. I waited for Wednesday, made the call, and the price had actually gone up about $40.00 per person. Thier reply was that the "sale" price gave me a "free" upgrade.
I moved up one whole deck in the same class of cabin.
My instinct was to seal the deal earlier at a price I felt was good. I allowed thier e-mail to sway me into a $120.00 mistake.

And here I thought that I had forgotten my bitterness.
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