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Good morning everyone:

A productive morning before going to the neurologist. A call to our chat provider to discuss our chat room lock ups. After we finished talking about that, guess what we talked about next? Cruising.

I have also sucked up five days worth of dog hair. I think that my DW no longer knows how to use a vacuum cleaner. Five days of Kramer hair is A LOT of hair. I knew I was in trouble when the hair tumble weed rolled passed me while I was making coffee.

I am again off this weekend. It is the Anniversary, Birthday, Birthday weekend. We will be spending it downtown and taking in the city. I have reservations at a churrascaria (brasilian restaurant), my favorite French restaurant and our favorite Vietnamese restaurant. Betty is still in the dark about where we are going, just that we are going. I told her to just pack an overnight bag. I didn't tell her that all day Saturday (her birthday) is a shopping day downtown.

I hope everyone has a great day,
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