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Default Re: Any Review on Carnival Liberty - 8 days

Originally Posted by nononetnet
I would love to hear some feed back on the Ship Liberty also on the ports
I did this cruise, and thought it was very good! The Liberty is a fantastic ship.Hard to belive that carnival has a better ship in their fleet. Great staff,food, we had a balcony cabin.

About Me...
Growing up with my Dad, we spent 20 years going to the islands as Scuba divers. We would stay on one Island for a week and do 40 different dive sites. This was my 1st cruise...suggested by my new wife

Puerto Rico, San Juan - We did biolumincent bay. Very
impressed...we loved it! (long drive to get there but well worth it)

St Thomas... we went to St John for the snorkling, and it was
best of the trip. We swam with a sea turtle for a good 5 minutes before he took off. Loved the reef, swim from the beach was short and very nice beach...Trunk Bay? (I'm not good with names)

Next stop Tortola we did the Dolphin swim. We booked two different swims and spent the entire day at the Dolphin Discovery. The Royal Swim was great, but the other swim was worth doing also. ( can't remember the name, its the next-one down on their menue of chocies) Carnival doesn't offer the Royal swim so we booked it directly with Dolphon Discovery.

Next stop Antiqua - We did a sail/snorkle on the Cat. and they took us to a dead reef. Did not like that at all. But the second half of the trip they took us to a great beach and we had a seat on the front of the sail-boat so we had a great time despite the dead reef (horse back riding was avalible at the beach).

Nassau- Booked through Carnival a snorkle and island beach day. We enjoyed the site-seeing on the way out (got to see some great homes of the rich & famous) but hated the little island they took us to for diving. It was a waste of time. And the music was so loud that my ears actually hurt on boat ride home. Nassau has some great diving, but all the boats leave in the a.m. but our ship didn't get to port until 1pm-7pm. We should have just gone to the Atlantis and skpped the half-a$$ beach and snokle trip.

On a scale of 1-10 I'd give the entire trip a 9.5
(I'm usually pretty tough on my ratings) We really had a great time.
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