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We were on the Diamond this past Nov and we had four bottles of wine, six pack of beer, three wine coolers (don't ask, yuck , and a six pack of water in our checked luggage, bottles were wrapped to guard against breakage but certainly not hidden or smuggled in......

Three of the bottles we took to the restauarants and paid a $15.00 corkage fee. The beer my husband drank at poolside, water we took with us on port days, Princess was charging $2.95 per bottle and we bought 6 pack of water for same price and the wine coolers (don't ask yuck.. were thrown in mini fridge to be repacked and given to friend after cruise. Our room stewert never said anything about liquor. She did thoughtfully and unasked provided a wine cooler.

That said our princess bar tab at the end was over $500.00....

The Princess wine list was quite good and the mark up wasn't huge. Next cruise we won't be bringing quite as mant bottles of wine on board.
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