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Originally Posted by CanCanCase
Originally Posted by Karen16
Then they have JUST gone up, I was there May 15, 2007.
Apparently they give "comps" and discounts to repeat customers. I just spoke to 3 parties who all paid different prices. One family at $6 pp each way had been here 4 times already and had their past ticket stubs. The $7 fares were here last year about the same time, and the $8 pp family had never been before.

I guess it "pays" to be a long-time repeat customer with some vendors!

Again, I was there- May 15. ALL booths had $6 signs up near the tram. Same for up by the library. I walked by this entire section 4 times. WHAT you are talking about "repeat" pasengers??? Why not go directly to MGT and ask them??? Instead of making references "pays" - long time repeat customer etc??? If this reference is to me???- I have no clue what your point is?? AND how likely is it that "One family" saved their 4 ticket stubs from from prior trips and brought them with them, for a $6-8 shuttle trip??? You've lost it, making a big issue over $2.
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