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Originally Posted by Karen16
Again, I was there- May 15. ALL booths had $6 signs up near the tram. Same for up by the library. I walked by this entire section 4 times. WHAT you are talking about "repeat" pasengers??? Why not go directly to MGT and ask them??? Instead of making references "pays" - long time repeat customer etc??? If this reference is to me???- I have no clue what your point is?? AND how likely is it that "One family" saved their 4 ticket stubs from from prior trips and brought them with them, for a $6-8 shuttle trip??? You've lost it, making a big issue over $2.
Ah-HA! We agree! Going directly to MGT and asking them (in lieu of paying attention to your advice or mine) is the best solution.

How likely is it for a family to save ticket stubs? Very. These are major vacations for many folks. Karen has obviously never been on one of the HAL cruises offering Nancy and Jeff's scrap-booking seminars. Have you been on any of the privately chartered Merril Lynch Vision of the Seas cruises? Geek Cruises? Women of Olivia cruises? Those groups are all VERY likely to save every stub and receipt... some even make it a competition.

As for your "personal attack" stating that I've "lost it"... I've lost many things in my life... everything from a Han Solo action figure to most of my hair... What I have NOT lost is my direct and immediate access to local information about Juneau... don't forget: I LIVE HERE!

To everyone else reading: sorry for the digression. I'm happy to keep things informative and on-topic as long as people will quit eMailing my friends, family and clients in an attempt to discredit and embarrass me. (It's not working, BTW.)

Happy Alaska Travels! ;-)

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