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Originally Posted by nlb1050
I have to agree to a degree. All of the email I get from Carnival (even those signed by the PVP) have a statement at the bottom to contact either your PVP or Travel Agent.

We haven't even sailed with Carnival but still had a PVP assigned to us since we have sailed on Princess.
I get emails just about every week from my Carnival PVP. I too have never sailed Carnival and don't have any desire to. They do mostly short cruises, and are known as "party boats." Just not my cup of tea.

They may have a statement at the bottom of their emails about contacting your PVP OR your travel agent ... but believe me, just from the way they are doing their marketing, it's pretty clear they want you to deal with the PVP. If such wasn't the case, Carnival would refer anyone who called to a local "Carnival-certified" travel agent.

Blue skies ...

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