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Default Re: Tipping Maitre d' for Private Table

Originally Posted by drcruiser
I just booked my first cruise on Carnival Liberty, and was told by my Carnival agent that the best way to get a table for two for the duration of the 8-day cruise was to go straight to the maitre d' when we get on board, make the request, and "grease the wheels."
To me, getting a table for two is not an unusual request. If the cruise line is run properly, tipping the matri 'd shouldn't matter in the slightest. You will get that table if it is possible; i.e., passengers who are staying in accommodations that give them first preference have not taken all the tables for two, etc. If it is possible for the matri 'd to just jump someone over others who are technically entitled to that table for two, then the cruise line is not being run properly and the matri 'd is not properly doing his job.

To me, the matri 'd is a management employee. He is paid a very nice wage for doing his job. Because of the amount of his wage, he is not entitled to be included in any "tip" pool. Thus, I can't imagine anything I would grease the palm of the matri 'd for. If he gets me a table for two, then he is doing it because I, as a passenger, politely made such a request, and it is his job to honor that request if at all possible. He shouldn't have a hand out for doing his job.

Personally, I'd rather save my discretionary tip money for the people in the trenches ... the people who do the day-to-day "grunt" work of serving me ... working long hours with little time off ... and always having a smile on their face. Those folks are the ones who make squat in terms of a salary. They NEED those tips ... and if they take good care of me on the cruise, I am only too happy to send a little extra cash their way. But I'm not doing that for a management employee who enjoys an excellent wage and pretty decent living conditions onboard the boat. He's already getting everything he has coming to him.

Just my humble opinion ...

Blue skies ...

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