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Originally Posted by dawcruiser
Just my thoughts, but I am sick and tired of people telling me how much to tip. I make what I make because I am good at what I do not because I complain about what I make.
Thank you, Don. I agree with you 100%. I too am tired of being told what is an "appropriate" tip ... yet, no one can seem to tell me what is "appropriate" service to earn that tip.

We've become a tip-oriented society today. It seems everyone has their hand out ... people who I would never think I would even be expected to tip ... the pilot who takes me for an aerobatics flight that I paid $500 for ... the skydiving instructor who takes me on a tandem jump (yes, I actually had the owner of a skydiving facility in Hawaii TELL me that an "appropriate" tip for the tandem instructor was $20 ... and another $20 for the video flyer. This on top of the $450 bucks I paid for the tandem jump and the DVD and stills package. Are we kidding here or what? Then walk into your local Dunkin Donuts some morning. See those tip cups at the register. Wait a minute. I thought tipping was appropriate when you received table service ... not when you went to a counter to get your own food?

It is getting ridiculous in that we, the public, are now being asked to subsidize the wages of service people. I thought it was the employer's job to pay his employees? Why am I now being asked to do it?

I have no problem tipping in certain circumstances when someone really takes good care of me and makes my experience extra special ... be that a waiter, a bartender, etc. But I do have a problem with a tip being expected as the norm, regardless of the service ... when the person serving me is doing little more than delivering my food to the table. I have a real problem being expected to tip someone who is doing nothing more than pouring me a cup of coffee from an urn, and then collecting my payment for it at the register. If I'm buying the coffee, shouldn't the cost of a server to get it for me be included in the price?

All I can say is tip according to your conscious ... and don't let anyone tell you what is expected. You make that determination.

Blue skies ...

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