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Originally Posted by Lou 123
Originally Posted by kccruisin'
Originally Posted by GaryI
Are you going the day before? If so where are you staying? I have tried to get reservations at the Harbor House, but they won't let me. They say thay haven't gotten their rates for next year yet. Have a blast and wave at the web cams when you go by.

Also to sassyredhat, kccruisin', and Gofishgriff congrats to all of you. Enjoy your trips. We look forward to hearing all about your adventures.
Thanks for your well wishes, we will be leaving on Wednesday, June 6th to stay overnight in Galveston. We will be staying at the Harbor House; never stayed there, but here it's a great location near the pier and good accommodations

Can you also park the car there for the week?
We sail from Galveston in Nov.
Yes you can! However, you need to book the hotel through in order to do so for free. Otherwise it's $10/day.
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