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Default Cruising out of New Jersey in Dec.--anyone cruise in winter?

So, my fiance and I are getting married on November 17. We have been going crazy researching honeymoon options for over a month....looking at everything from Sandals to Hawaii to a cruise. I have to admit, I really don't like to fly and that was part of the reason Hawaii was vetoed (that and the expense). We love cruising, so we decided to start looking that way & were thrilled when we found a 12 day cruise leaving out of New Jersey on RCCL (we have sailed RCCL 2 times before) Explorer of the Seas. It was going great places & we wouldn't have to fly (1 1/2 hours to drive to Jersey from Philly). We booked online ourselves.

So, we were near a travel agent one day and asked if she had better prices or better cabin selections. From that day on, she has been calling and emailing trying to convince us that this cruise isn't for us. She says it will be cold in Dec. (obviously) and no one will be out on the decks for the 4 days at sea. I question this because once we get near Georgia/Florida, it should definitely warm up. Also, she said when you cruise in Nov./Dec., the water is much rougher and we won't have a good time.

Has anyone on here ever sailed at this time of year out of a cold climate (not Florida)? Did you have any problems? I think that there might be some truth to what she's saying, but mostly, I think she is trying to change our minds so we cancel and book with her for another cruise.

Please give me your opinion on sailing out in the late fall early winter out of a colder climate!!!!! She has really freaked me out and now I am worried we will have a horrible time!

Thanks in advance!

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