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Default Re: cruise ship production shows

Originally Posted by twpiawn
I know that audience aren't meant to video shows due to copyright laws etc etc, but I have always seen cameras in the audience and know it happens, even if it shouldn't.
The people you've seen in the audience with cameras are very lucky. I saw someone approached by a security guard on the way out of the show on my recent Veendam cruise. HAL does not want people taking photos or video at the cast shows, nor with the professional entertainers. It is only when they bring amateur groups onboard ... like in a port ... or for the crew shows that videotaping and photographs are allowed.

But, maybe they are just beginning to enforce the policy? I have no idea ... and, no, I don't have videos to trade off with you, unfortunately. To be honest, I just never thought about trying to get them before this.

Blue skies ...

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