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Good Morning!!! You sound like me, and want to make every dollar work for you, so here goes.

Carry either cash or Travelers checks.

Once you get aboard ship, put most of the money in your room safe. Take out what you need for the day.

ATM fees are going up, up,up. Before you know it, you find out you could have just purchased an ATM machine, for what you have paid.

This is what I do. I go to the bank and get 20's (Never over a 20.00 because some businesses will not take higher)
I get 5's maybe a few 10's and then the rest ones.

I put all of this in envelopes, unmarked. It all goes in the safe in the room.

My kids also have their own room, so they get an envelope for their safe, to tip the room service people.

On the way to the ship, I get part of the money, and hubby gets part, or I put it in two different places. That way if we are robbed, we don't loose everything.

*** also, Travelers checks are often hard to cash, so if you can, do cash****

Hope this helps

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