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Originally Posted by msblackjack
Originally Posted by michellet1959
yeah, I will also bring a couple of traveller's checks (I know, keep a photocopy of them in the room safe). It's good to know they can cash them on board, but I"m sure even that runs out - like the ATM - correct?
the Carnival website says that there are no limits to Traveler's checks and no fees; however, on the cruise that I just returned from; there was a sign at the purser's desk indicating that there was a daily limit of the number of traveler's checks per person. I think it was 2-3 per day; so maybe get the traveler's checks in $100.00 or $50.00 denominations so you don't need to cash more than 2 per day. Also, getting cash back on your credit card will get you a 5.5% fee from Carnival as well as the cash advance fee or higher rate from your credit card company, just not worth it IMHO.
Thanks, for the 4-day cruise I will bring two $100 traveller's checks, one for each of the 2 port days.
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