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Angela Martin
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Default Vegan definition

Yes, vegan is no animal products whatsoever, but I'll admit to fudging A LITTLE when it comes to bread and pasta. These can contain eggs and/or dairy products, but it's EXTREMELY unpractical to be a "food cop" and try to hunt someone down every time you order a sandwich! I"m not a purist, but I try to do the best I can in all situations. I've been on 4 other cruises, but I wasn't vegan at the time, so I'm hoping this experience will be as great as the others.

I got a little spoiled on my last cruise with Princess, though! The non-stop movies(5-6 per day) and movies in the big theatre were great and having 3-4 entertainment choices every night was wonderful, too. They were also staggered so you could catch a Vegas style show and then check out a magician/comedian, etc.

Looking forward to the whole experience. Work has been a bear and I NEED a vaction.

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