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I went to Samana in March along with St Thomas and Tortola. St Thomas and Tortola were amazing but Samana was the worst part of the trip. If you book shore excursions through NCL you will be fine, but dont go ashore and look for a taxi to drive you. They are a rip off. They wanted $200 for the cab ride plus $50 for every waiting hour, and all the people were very sketch. As soon as you hit land the locals are all over you trying to sell you crap and get you to take their taxi. Very overwhelming and kind of scary and I'm from NYC! We actually got right back on the next tender to the ship and went to the pool! You should look into the cruises that skip Samana and add Bermuda. I have been to Bermuda as well and would have loved to gone their instead of Samana. Hope this helps.

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