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Default Re: All things as comparable in price?

Originally Posted by adias.angel
Can you give us some price comparisons as to how much cheaper?

If St Thomas and San Juan have the best liquor prices so do they also offer the best prices for other items you will buy on the island?

Thanks again, Carla
I don't generally shop for other things. I stick mainly to the sinful items (cigarettes, liquor, etc.) The only other things that I buy on each island are keychains and kitchen magnets and island by island the prices are about the same.

I can't remember what I paid for each liquor items. Also, I don't really drink very much in my regular life and at this point, I have so many full sized bottles (1 ltr) of liquor, I just purchase the cute smaller bottles (maybe a pint) that are unique and usually only available on these islands. They are different than what you get in the states because these bottles are the smaller "mini me" to the larger bottles with the same shape and color as the full sized versions. I got the cutest little bottle of Grand Manier for $8.95 and a midget bottle of Johnny Walker Black for less than $10, 1 pint (1/2 pint?) of Tangueray Gin was $3.95. 1 pint of Mango flavored Malibu Rum was $3.95. On Antigua, I purchased a small (1/2 pint maybe) of their island rum for $3.00. I have an excellent collection of unique liquors in my bar setup at home. All kinds of stuff.
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