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Originally Posted by adias.angel
Originally Posted by tweetybird
Hello I B Cruzin I see that you are from New York City also. I am from Queens, NY and just read your post about the Destiny cruise, is it really that bad?
OMG! I just read your post about the destiny. My heart was just breaking for you as I read it. *hug*

Was it only on the ship that people were rude or while you were in PR also? I am trying to figure out where the hostility comes from. Carla
The people on the island of Puerto Rico are fine on land. I was just there last week and had no problem. There is something about that ship and the preceived notion that it is there for the pleasure of the Hispanic community exclusively. I am sure I could write a thesis on what brings about the open, unjustified hostility towards "mainlanders" but I won't bother. It is far easier for me to stay off of that ship.

However, to be fair, since it is such a port intensive itinerary, you are not on the ship that much so the impact may be less severe for someone else. Also, if you are traveling with a large group that is totally self-contained and are not prone to partake in the activities and festivities on the ship, go to bed very early, etc., you may not notice the things that I did as much. I travel solo and like to party so I am up and about on the ship from sunrise until the sun rises again. Also, I am very bubbly and friendly so I talk to more people than the average passenger.

It was not just my experience but other people's as well that mirrored my own. There was on one Caucasion honeymoon couple on the ship who had spent more money then they had to fly from Oklahoma to PR for their honeymoon cruise. Well the locals (as we called them) on the ship seemed to single them out and they couldn't get a break. I felt so bad for them. The young wife said to me one day, "is it because I am white that they are all so mean to me?" She was close to tears. No one has the right to treat anyone else like that. Inexcusable.
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