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Layer Layer Layer. Sweater, sweatshirts etc. It is the best advice. If you visit a glacier like Hubbard glacier for example, It will be COLD. If you don't want to take a heavy coat/jacket just for that event, plan on layering enough to equal the warmth of a heavier coat. A knit hat and gloves are a must. I wish I had brough 1 pair of thermals for that period of time. If you allready have a lined windbreaker then just waterproof it for rain. Go to Kmart and get "Camp Dry" and spray your jacket to waterproof it and also spray a pair of walking shoes. if it rains which it probalby will you can help to keep your feet from getting too wet that way.
Another souvenier tip. Take a small colapsable backpack. It is great for shopping and carrying souveniers, and if you layer and get too warm, just peel off the outer layer and stuff in your pack.

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