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I love balconies. On Mexican riviera cruises I like to get rooms on the lower decks. There is a lot of sea life to view. When cruising with friends we try to get adjoining rooms and open the balcony partitions. Specifically on the Golden, the balconies on the Caribe deck are big. Two regular chairs, a good sized dining height table, and two semi lounge chairs. They have this kind of rubber grid stuff on the floors of the balconies which lessens the noise of moving chairs and keeps the deck free of standing water so you are not tracking it in to the room constantly. I don't think I could ever survive in an inside cabin. I've got to at least know if there is a sunrise or set. Some the best times are coming into port in the early hours before sunrise. I just get out of bed and walk out on the balcony. My wife however complains that I am constantly waking her up. The woman would sleep away her vacation if I let her.
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