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Originally Posted by Bobby_G
I guess I sort of take 'formal night(s)' differently. It is called formal night for that reason, IMHO. I think the purpose is to give a little variety for those who wish to dress to the hilts to do so. I think it is really cool to see everyone in tuxes and ladies dressed to the nines. My last cruise on the Triumph, there were a few wearing sneakers and shorts and such at dinner those nights. I personally think it should be enforced. After all, if one doesn't want to dress formal, just don't go. But my guess is most going on cruises just never get to dress that way in their normal lives. Then those who attend but don't dress formal, just takes away from those who do. But that's just my opinion.

My sentiments exactly.

As evidenced by the many questions on this topic that people post before they cruise..... it is almost universally understood by all before they cruise that there will be at least one formal night on said cruise. If someone elects not to dress for it, that is fine... there are alternatives for meals other than the dining room. However please don't insist that it is your vacation and you will dress as you please (on that night in the dining room) ..... it is also my vacation as well ....but you don't see me walking around the lido deck nude because it is "my vacation".

You knew the rules (or guidelines) when you agreed to them - i.e. booked your cruise. Please standby that agreement.

As to the original post , while i do wear a tux on formal nights , i would also not hesitate to wear a light colored suit. IMO anything below a suit does not fit the definition of formal night.
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