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Originally Posted by Irish Shark
Originally Posted by Ny_NCL_Pro
To be safe get a passport… If there is a problem on/with the boat and they need to make a stop that wasn’t planned you will need to have a passport to fly out.
Not anymore .....


Updated: 10 minutes ago
WASHINGTON - The Bush administration on Friday suspended some of its new, post-Sept. 11 requirements for flying abroad, hoping to placate Congress and irate summer travelers whose vacations have been thwarted by delays in processing their passports.

The proposal would temporarily lift a requirement that U.S. passports be used for citizens flying to and from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda. The rule, and its suspension, does not affect Americans driving across the Canadian or Mexican borders or taking sea cruises, although those travelers are expected to need passports beginning next year.
This applies to those who have already applied for passports and will be affect until the end of Sept. Thank some of your congressmen and women for this.NMnita
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