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Default Re: What is the best upgrade you ever gotten?

The above sure makes you hope!!!! I haven't ever got up graded outside the category I bought as in Inside guarantee or Oceanview guarantee. (11 Carnival cruises) Sometimes I'm upgraded to the top of the same category but that is usally with a past guest special that allows you to be upgraded to the best available cabin in the category and you have to book early to get the Empress deck... I did get upgraded from a cat 1A bunkbed to a 5A porthole on this cruise on Saturday but that is the special I bought when I booked. It was offered at time of booking - those are the best I've ever gotten otherwise it is about 2 levels up on the guarantee cabins. I don't consider them upgrades when you get them at time of booking though because that is why I'm booking it to get the higher level. Debbie
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