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Default Re: Is a Balcony worth the extra money?


Originally Posted by You
We are cruising on the GOLDEN PRINCESS to the Mexican Riviera. Is a balcony worth the $400-$500 extra. We are new at this and would appreciate your imput. THANKS
From my perspective:

>> 1. On every ship on which I have cruised, the promenades provide all of the benefits of a balcony with the added bonus of being closer to the water if you are trying to view marine life. The promenades usually are very quiet places where you can catch an "al fresco" siesta and absolutely NOBODY will bother you. On most ships, the lounges on the promenades are also much nicer than the plastic patio chairs on the balconies.

>> 2. If you save $500 per cruise for three cruises, you'll save about enough to pay for your fourth cruise.

Of course, it would be different if I were planning a cruise for a honeymoon. In that situation, I probably would be planning to spend a lot more time in my cabin than I normally do so I probably would spring for the nicest suite that I could swing....

Your choice.

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