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Default Re: Big Question - Gratuity / Tipping

Originally Posted by PERRY4OU
OK, I know what I have seen in the brochures, now I pose this question to those who know.....

Is there a recommended (suggested) amount for tipping for most services. You know, you order room service, do you pay five bucks - ten bucks? For your cleaning person, do you leave five - ten on the nightstand every day, or do you pay at the end of the crusie. For your waiters (I assume you have the same ones) at dinners, I assume you tip after each meal? Any general advice would be appreciated....
The credit card you use to check in will automatically be charged $10.00 pp/pd for tips ($40.00 pd). This tip includes your Room Steward, Waiters, and some other staff. You don't need to tip anything else. If you feel that one of the staff has gone "above and beyond" you can tip them extra at the end of your cruise.

Every drink you order (including soft drinks and water) will have a 15% tip automatically added. Again, you don't have to tip extra.

You, your DW and your DD's will each have a S&S card to charge all purchases onboard. If you wish you can put a limit on your DD's cards.

The only place you'll use cash is in the Casino (if you gamble).

Room service is not included in the "automatic" tips, so most people tip from $2.00-$5.00, depending on how much is ordered.

You'll all need your S&S cards and a photo ID (unless your DD's are under 16) to get back on the ship in your ports.

Have a wonderful cruise!
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