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Originally Posted by froggie620
And sometimes people just don't read all the questions first before they asked their own question. I counted no less than 3 of the same question from 3 different people in this neighborhood (concerning either to use a TA or Internet Booking Agency). If one person asks that question we don't need 5 others to ask it, in a different way. Reminds me of people who wait for elevators. All it takes is one person to press the Up or Down button. Having five people press it "will not" make the elevator come any faster. In fact from personal observation I am wondering if pressing the buttons more than once slows it up some.

Just having my say.
Froggie, I agree with you. Why do we have so many threads covering the same topic? If someone has the same question, they can either search for the answre or, if needing additional information, ask on the same thread.

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