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Default Maitre D'

I do not see any point in tipping the Maitre D' I think I may have seen him once, oh and that was on the final night.....low and behold out front wanting to be seen so that he could collect the envelopes of tip money.......It bothered me to think that if in fact every dime that is in the envelope goes to him that is a pretty good chunk of change for one week of standing out front........if every person on the cruise gave 5 bucks and the cruise had about 2500 passengers......WOW I know I dont make that much in a week.......and my job is not just standing looking pretty as someone enters a dining hall. Yes I know they have to do a lot of arranging and ensuring everything goes well........but they get a salary and then to get the tips at the end of the week, they definately are doing alright.

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