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Default 48 Hours Mystery Report

Did anyone else catch the "48 Hours Mystery" report last night on CBS? It was a story entitled "Dark Voyage", and was about a young 20-something girl that went on a 3-day Carnival cruise out of LA to Baja, and died onboard from a Methadone OD. Basically, this girl went on the cruise with her boyfriend and some others, her boyfriend was a recovering drug addict and was able to sneak some Methadone onboard disguized in a cold medicine bottle, and during the cruise, he discovered her dead in their cabin on the second day. When the ship pulled into Ensenada, Mexico, Carnival allowed the Mexican authorities to remove her body and process the scene. The ship was released and returned to LA and the FBI opened an investigation into the death. 2 Autopsies showed her cause of death as Methadone toxicity. And yet the greiving mother is blaming Carnival for her daughters death.

There are a lot of other details, but here is what I don't understand. How is it Carnival's fault when they had nothing to do with the drug, it's being onboard, or her ingestion of it? The Carnival medical team arrived quickly and tried to save her, but from the medical reports, it appears she had been down and not breathing for some time before she was discovered.

I don't know what else there is to the story other than what was in the report last night. It looks like Carnival, the Mexican authorities and the FBI did everything right. The mystery is how this girl took the drug. Did she accidentaly take it thinking it was cold medicine? Did her drink get spiked with it? Did she perhaps take it intentually? There is no real way to know except from the boyfriend, who appeared on the show and answered all their questions. He claims he doesn't know how she got the drug, but admits he was wrong sneaking it onboard.

The show also put this greiving mother together with the mother of George Smith (went missing from an RCCL ship in ther Med in 2005, and we all know that story by now!), and showed them complaining about the cruise industry. What really did get me mad was the reporter who asked this greiving mother to "warn" the mothers of other adult girls in their 20s about the dangers of going on a cruise and they shouldn't "let" their children go on a cruise. I don't get it, how was this Carnival's fault? Of course the greiving mother is sueing Carnival for millions.

I know this poor woman is greiving terribly for her daughter and I can't fathom the loss she has had to endure, but from what I saw on the report last night, I just don't see how Carnival is liable at all for this. they cooperated fully with Mexico and the FBI, followed all the proper proceedures and answered as many questions as they could for the family. They even turned over all security, ship and medical reports from the ship to the family, it looks like Carnival wasn't hidding anything and was doing the right things. How is Carnival Liable here?

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