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I must say, there is always more to the story than we are told. The cruise line can't be held accountable for the death because how can they check and verify each and every item we bring on board. Can you imagine a total screening of EVERYTHING you have packed--perscription drugs, over the counter, creams, lotions, liquids, hygeine items. Drugs can be smuggled in many ways and a full comprehensive earch is the only way.

I get tired of the grieving parent blaming the tour operator or cruise line, no, blame the boyfriend for bringing the methadone. I can say that in the past year and some where there have been three homocides in Mexico that the Mexican government is trying to cover up or lay blame elsewhere--in the case of the husband/wife execution style murder they tried to blame two Canadian women who stayed a few doors down from the couple (and admitted they didn't have any conversation/association with the couple). They were cleared, but the Mexican authorities cleaned the scene up so well that not much evidence could be found. Now the most recent case is baffling and the Mexicans (they even say they have witnesses) are standing firm that he fell off of a second floor balcony--their hotel room was on the main floor and not anywhere close to where he was found. The man was so badly injured he was flown home and taken off life support. The coroner here said he did fall, but that the other injuries were not related to the fall. This family probably will steer people away from Mexico, but with the authorities saying it was accidental and are doing nothing about it. His wife and young sons will just have to wonder what happened.

Moral is--don't blame the cruise line/tour operator/hotel all they did is supply you with a place to enjoy your holiday, but blame, if possible, the one who caused the unfortunate death.
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