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Originally Posted by dawson21
Originally Posted by cwr322
We prepaid the gratuities when we purchased our cruise and then took $100 in ones and $100 in fives. Every morning we left $5.00 in our cabin for the room stewart and every evening we gave our waiter $5.00. On the last night we gave the waiter $20.00, (he was very good and attentive) and we gave our cabin stewart $20.00 on the last morning. The $1 we used for tipping for room service and drinks. And you also need money for the porters who will take your luggage when you first get to the terminal. They recommend $1. per bag so that is what we did.

Did you give your waiter those tips daily, in person or wait until the end and put it in the envelope? Being first time cruisers we want to do this correctly so as to get good service and not seem uneducated.
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This was our first cruise as well and I am not sure if what we did was really the proper way, but this is how we did it - each night as we left the table, my husband would shake Anthony's (our waiter) hand and slip a $5 bill in his hand. Then on the last night it was a $20. We did not tip the Matre-de because we hardly every saw him and one of the few times that we did, I thought he was rude. So -- no extra for him.

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