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small ships arent very nice to me. when we went on a sailing ship out of aruba a couple of years ago the seas were reeeeeeally rough(and we were on a tiny ship). one night evrybody seemed to be getting sick. and the bad part was that there was nowhere to go! either down in the cabins(where you coudl hear thye waves sloshed against the side of the ship and that made you seasick) or on the middle deck. the top deck was closed. so naturally i was sprawled out on a bench on the middle deck. my mom said i looked really green. but i kept eating apples becasue she said that they help with seasickness or whatever. but this lady on the other side of the bench also looked sick and she threw up a couple of times that night. i was there till probably about 1.30 in the morning.
it was kind of funny becasue all of the sudden a lady started screaming. we didnt know why but a flying fish and 'flew' up on deck. it was pretty cool. i got to touch it. it was gross becasue i dont like fish.
but it was a good trip otherwise becasue the islands were pretty. (we went to Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao). despite the one bad night it was a pretty cool experience.
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