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Mine was just one night at dinner on the Glory and it wasn't nessacarily bad just embarrassing. My mom's friend and his wife and thier two friends went on this cruise with us and my moms friends wife is really crazy and she talks to stuffed animals and things like that. (she apperantly took them out on the plane because they were "sufficating" in her suitcase) but anyway we were at the last formal night and it was her birthday and so her friend brought her a present of a stuffed monkey. She named this monkey Artey and sat him in the middle of the table. After a while when people would walk by she would randomly lean over me (I was sitting be the walkway) and say to whoever was walking by "Hi!! This is my monkey Artey, Artey likes you!! Say hi to Artey!!!" and she was completely not drunk at all!! People would just look at her like she was completely crazy!!
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