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Originally Posted by Floridanamaw
I don't think the matre de gets a salary. They are paid on tips only.
Maitre D' is a salaried position. Unless he or she does something "special" for us we don't tip.

Again, if you've left the automatic tipping on you don't need to tip extra to anyone except Room Service, but on all but one cruise (we had the Room Steward from H**l) we gave the Room Steward extra on top of the automatic tip on the last night of the cruise.

Room service personnel are not included in the automatic tipping and should be tipped a couple of dollars each time they deliver.

Originally Posted by Cathy

This was our first cruise as well and I am not sure if what we did was really the proper way, but this is how we did it - each night as we left the table, my husband would shake Anthony's (our waiter) hand and slip a $5 bill in his hand. Then on the last night it was a $20. We did not tip the Matre-de because we hardly every saw him and one of the few times that we did, I thought he was rude. So -- no extra for him.

Hi Cathy,

Was this on top of the automatic tipping? If so, I'm sure Anthony was very happy with you !
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