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Originally Posted by dawson21
THANKS Cathy, that helps. Personally, I like the way your husband tipped the waiter...that was a neat way to do it. I'm still curious about tipping the room steward....should we leave a little something on the nightstand every day or how is it done?
There is a portfolio in the cabin with stationery, etc in it and also it contained some envelopes for tipping. We put the money in the envelope and laid it on the vanity near the ice bucket. We had several conversations with out cabin stewarts. The girl was from Russia and now I am drawing a blank and cannot remember where the guy was from. Since they seemed to be a team, I assume that they split the tips.

They came in to our cabin one afternoon and tried to teach us how to make a towel animal! My husband was intrigued and wanted to know how to do it. Well, actually my husband made a snake out of our towel and invited them in to see it, and so they had to teach him a little bit about the right way to do it. It was a lot of fun and very interesting to chat with them. Our waiter was Anthony, from Jamaica. Leave it to my husband to make friends with everyone.

Cathy and Mike

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