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re: automatic tipping...did the math...ut oh! $10 per day per person on a 5 day cruise is $50 per person total...divide that between the the Room Steward and the Waiter plus others??? (That ain't much!!)

OK multiply that times 3 dinner seatings 2 tables@ 10 passengers per table=(approx) 60 cruisers x (approx) $20=$1,200 per waiter per 5 day cruise x 4=$4800/mo. + salary x 7 mos out of the year=$33,600....I'd say a bit extra for good help is in order!

Our waiter was from Croatia and away from his wife and three year old for 7 mos. out of a year. He was leaving for Croatia right after our cruise. We tipped him well after a job well-done and wished him a bon voyage to see his family after so long.
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