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Originally Posted by cindyandmatt
I guess it depends on where you cruise, but we personally would NEVER wear anything to affiliate us with the military on foreign soil. Even so, we are not allowed to wear the uniform off-base even if driving straight home!

Don't get me wrong, we are very proud to serve our country. It's just that for OPSEC reasons and to avoid those that are Bush-bashers. It seems the first thing someone says after knowing you are military is related to Bush, the war(s), or anything else controversial. While we do get a lot of "thanks" and praise for being military as a couple, it's nice to be on vacation and not worry about somebody else's dislikes of our great country.

Just my two cents
This is good advice for those stationed on foreign soil; however, what we're talking about is wearing the military's mess dress, at formal dinners (Nights) on a cruise ship at sea.

Nobody, would wear a mess dress uniform, while in foreign port. One is only supposed to wear the mess dress after 5PM (Retreat).

Having said the above, I would say that if one was stationed on foreign soil on active duty and you or your unit were invited to a formal military affair, by the host countries military, one would wear the mess dress to that affair, as they will be in their 'Mess Dress' or Dress uniform.

Just my two cents!

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