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Originally Posted by KTS1193
So on my last cruise, I was sitting at 4am on the last night with my friend Gary and Leah. It was where the buffet is... you know the tables where there is a booth on one side and two chairs on the other side... we were sitting there and i was the only one on the side with the two chairs. Well Leah and Gary were looking at Leah's camara at her pictures. The next thing you know my head is getting turned by some drunk guy who like 30 or 40 and hes trying to make out with me! eww.. so I push his face away and he only gets my cheek. He roles away and get stuck on the CAUTION WET AREA sign.. and we call for some person to help him. The crew guy roles him away and then I jump over to hide behind Gary 5 minutes later him and all his drunk friends come back and are going HEYY! and soo Leah goes HO!! ha and it keeps going back and forth HEY! HO! HEY HO!

it was like funny but nasty!
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