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Before I left on my last cruise (Last May 2004) a co-worker asked if I would bring back a couple of cigars. But not to spend more then $15 for two. Well I don't smoke at all and couldn't find two for $15 at earlier ports, Nassau or St. Thomas but when we got to St. Maartin I walked into a smoke shop and a clerk asked if she could help me. I told her a friend asked me to bring a couple of cigars and that I didn't know a thing about good cigars. She suggested a pack of 3 for $13 and said they were a fine smoking cigar. I paid her put them in a bag and they stayed in that bag till I gave them to the co-worker when I got back. His reply was "Hey you did go". He then pointed out to me that they were Cuban, made in Havana.

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