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Herding? will have that feeling when you are initially processed thru the embarkation system, debarkation (perhaps), and at times when you are exiting the ship at ports.

The ship is huge and not everyone is in one place at one time. Because there are so many diverse activities offered on your sea days, people are spread out at different venues all over the ship, not to mention people enjoying the spa, exercise equipment, quiet decks lounging in chairs reading (lobby deck, port and starboard), shows, casino, etc. The Lido deck is the focal point for games, music, etc. If you don't want to participate, there are lots of places on the ship to get away from all that hustle and bustle. As far as the pools are concerned, yes, they are small and there is no room, usually, to actually swim (except for small children). The pools are primarily used to get wet and cool off. I found the smoking rules pretty much adhered to and never had a problem. The one area that is horrible is the casino. If I gamble I go early in the morning as soon as the casino opens and leave as soon as the heavy smokers appear.

After I pay for my cruise, the only charges that appear on my Sail & Sign are for tips, shore excursions (if I book any at all), and beverages. I just returned from an 8 night cruise on the Liberty and my total charges posted were $185.00. That's it. I'm not a big gambler or drinker, never purchase photos or souvenirs and only occasionally book a shore excursion. I know I'm probably the exception to the rule but have been on so many cruises that all those extraneous money makers no longer tempt me. Shows...the two large production shows that include all the dancers and singers are worth watching. There are other shows offered that appeal to various people but you may not find them entertaining.

If you love the water as much as I do, and you plan on booking excursions, stick with the beaches, snorkeling tours, etc. Some of the islands look great in photos but are actually filthy and the residents unfriendly and rude. We always bring our own snorkel equipment and do something water related at almost every port. You're on the Glory but don't say if it is the eastern or western itinerary. If you are going to St. Thomas and St. Martin, there are some beautiful beaches on both islands. We don't book shore excursions at either of these places, we just grab a taxi and head for the beach. Orient Beach in St. Martin is beautiful, Trunk Bay in St. Johns breathtaking!! There is a small island off Orient Beach called Pinel Island that is supposed to have great snorkeling.

When you sail away from Port Canaveral, if you look off the Port side, you can see the launch pads at Cape Kennedy.

The chocolate melting cake is good but if they have creme brulee on the menu, it is wonderful. The chocolate buffet has fresh fruit on sticks that they dunk in the chocolate fountain and some yummy donuts that you can dunk also.

Relax, enjoy your cruise, there is something for everyone to do on the ship. Everything isn't perfect on the ship but it is the quirky imperfections that are fun. It is magical being on the ship with nothing but water all around you...get up early on port days to watch the ship glide gracefully into the charming harbors, the water is a hundred different shades of green and blue and I can't wait to jump in.
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