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Default Re: What to wear for dinner on 7day Pacific Princess Cruise


Originally Posted by You
Dinner Wear Help - going on pacific princess 7 day alaska cruise in July. We are NOT doing the formal night.
That's really too bad, as you will miss out on several of the most memorable events of the whole cruise.

Let me amplify on that. On a cruise of seven nights, the two "formal' evenings are the evenings when the cruise line really bends over backwards to pull out all the stops. These are invariably the evenings when dining room features its best menus (with entrees like Lobster Tails, Roast Pheasant, and Beef Wellington) and adds the extra touches that you won't see on the "casual" evenings and the cast stages its best production shows. Princess also holds very classy special events on these evenings that I won't describe because I don't want to spoil the surprise. if you don't dress for the "formal" evenings, you won't be able to participate in any of this since Princess's dress policy is quite clear -- "The evening dress applies throughout the ship, except designated casual areas, after 6:00 PM." You can be sure that none of the special events on the "formal' evenings will take place in designated casual areas.

Originally Posted by You
I am still confused on what to wear for dinner. Was thinking of sun dresses(or would that be too cool), capris and dressy tops, dressy sandals. Can my husband wear dockers, button down shirts and/or nice golf shirts.
On the "casual" (or "smart casual" in Princess's lingo) evenings, your husband should wear a shirt with a collar (sport shirt, polo shirt, etc.), dress slacks, socks, and dress shoes. You have several options. A sun dress or cocktail dress would be quite acceptable, or you can wear a nice top with either a skirt or slacks. In either case, dressy shoes or sandals (not sneakers, flip-flops, etc.) are in order.

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