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Default Re: Pre-Cruise Review - Yep, Pre-Cruise....

Originally Posted by dhornick
As you may recall, in the very beginning I had asked on the forum about cost comparisons between a 7 day cruise and a 7 day land based vacation. I had mentioned that for years we have traveled the States, Mexico and the Caribbean usually always renting a beach front condo, rental car, air tickets and food for a week to be right around 4 grand for four people. This cruise has already cost me $6000 with everything paid for in advance except the sign and sail bill which I figure will be easily another $1500. So to me it's $4000 vs $7500. That's what I will be wanting to compare the most once I get aboard ship.
Sorry, but I can't figure this one out. We took our family of 8 on a cruise last January and spent TOTAL (including gas driving to the port, 2 hotel rooms for the night before the cruise, DIY shore excursions, a few photos, 2 DVD's and a few specialty drinks) - $3202! Granted it was a 5 day and not 7, and we don't gamble, but I felt it was the best value and the most fun all of us could have had on the same vacation!

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