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I don't believe that Irish Shark was referring to you, but more to the people who don't even try to dress up on formal night...with the "it is my vacation and I'll dress how I want" attitude. The fact that you cared enough to ask about the color of the suit says that you understand the concept of "Formal Night" and want to make sure that you are complying, or at least "fitting in". As Irish Shark mentioned, this topic has been posted to death (incidently, you can read back all 530+ pages of old postings, if you really want to) and you frequently read about how "shorts were allowed during Formal Night on my last cruise", etc., which people use to justify their reasoning for doing the same. To me, Formal Night is part of the cruising experience...there are other dining options available for those who don't want to participate. The light suit will be just fine...have a wonderful cruise.
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