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Originally Posted by nurseypoo5
im being kinda nosey but you say your eating a the poly for breakfast (and ofcourse you have a resie cause its usually booked) where are you going? is it the Kona? You know its a character breakfast right? Often they can take longer than an hour. Just heads up, esp on a Sunday..
I made all my Disney reservations months ago. I have every dinner and breakfast booked. Yes - We are going to the Kona character breakfast. My son is past the characters, but I like the buffet. We are also going to the Liberty Tree Inn, the restaurant in Germany, and MGM's Hollywood and Vine (I have the fantasmic Dinner Package).

Even if it takes to around 11:00 I would still be at the boat around 12:00 / 12:15 at the latest.

Think I have enough time?

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