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Originally Posted by Bobby_G
Originally Posted by Rev22:17

Originally Posted by You
So, does all those regs mean an old Vietnam Vet can still wear dress on formal nights ?
Only if you still on the military payroll (either active duty or retired).

Too bad.
Actually, you can as a veteran, wear the dress uniform from the era in which you served on occassions like Memorial Day, Veterans Day and/or other public patriotic ceremonies of a military nature, etc.

In your case, as a Vietnam veteran, that would be the Army green dress uniform. You would wear that rank and medals, etc. that you earned while in the Army to your discharge.

The problem with most veterans doing this, is that since they served the uniform, has seemed to 'shrink.' This also occurs with retirees as well.

Of course, many Veterans especially wartime Veterans, never had any reason to purchase a formal Mess Dress uniform, like we are talking about here.

I had many years service before 'required social events,' in the military became common (Dine Ins, Other Formal activities, etc.) this required NCOs and Officers to wear the Mess Dress or Dress Blues on specified occassions.

On ocassions, when I have worn my Blue Mess dress on shipboard, many veterans, and civilians (No surprise there.) especially from the WWII era asked me if I was a Marine, or weren't sure what service I was from. Hardly anyine guessed it was an Army uniform.

On one occassion, when in 'White' Mess Dress, I had a women stop me and started asking me questions, about the ship, thinking I was an Officer crew member. The uniform does look a little alike; however, I have gold Master-Sgt stripes (MSG) and 30 years (Three Years per Stripe.) of hash marks on both sleeves, plus mini-medals and badges on the lapels.

Lately the DOD, VFW American Legion and many other veterans organizations. have asked Veterans to wear their uniforms, (If they fit.) and decorations, etc on such patriotic occassions. Full size medals and/or Mini-medals may also be worn on civilian attire as well. (Most prefer mini-medals.)

Also to use the hand salute instead of uncovering and holding your hand over your heart, when the Colors go by or the National Anthem is played. To distinguish you as a Veteran.

Speaking of that you could also wear, your earned decorations, badges, etc. on your Tux on formal nights. I see many passengers who are veterans doing this and I do it myself, when not using the Mess Dress.

Most people wearing the Tux, use mini-medals and mini badges (CIB , Parachute wings, etc.) They are worn on the Tux's label just like they would be worn on the Mess Dress.

I would encourge you to invest in a nice set of mini-medals and/or badges and wear them on your Tux on formal nights! Be proud of your service in Vietnam! Wear them with pride!

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