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I have a quewtion for Half Moon Cay too. I will be there in September. I am cruising alone and I really want to go in the water and frolic. I hope there are lockers or something where I can lock my bag up while I go in the sea and have fun, otherwise, if there isn't lockers I will be forced to just wade in the water up to me knees and dream of swimming in the sea....*sigh*

I will probably flop on the beach and do some tanning while there, but I want to go in the water and have fun *BG*. I know, I will probably meet someone and I can leave my stuff with them. I am not willing to trust someone I just met with my video camera, digital camera and a wallet with credit cards and limited cash in it.

Please tell me there are lockers or some place I can keep my belongings safe while on Half Moon Cay....I really want to swim in the Caribbean Sea!!!!

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