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Default Re: Why HAL??

Originally Posted by CO_Cruiser
I'm doing a ton of research for our first cruise, which we are hoping to schedule for the fall. Of course, I'm seen a ton of people mention that they choose HAL as their "favorite". However, I've seen no explanations. Can you tell me why?
Of course, the people on this board are going to prefer HAL. Otherwise, why would we post to a HAL message board? Other people prefer RCL or NCL or Celebrity ... or whatever.

Every cruise line appeals to a certain type of cruiser. For us here on the HAL board, we prefer the degree of "elegance" experienced on the HAL ships ... the special service touches, the beautiful artwork that adorns each ship, the fresh flowers, the elegant two-level dining room, and the list goes on and on. HAL is also a line that appeals to a more "sedate" type of cruiser. That's not to say people who sail HAL don't like to have fun ... but we generally prefer not to be surrounded by a party hardy type atmosphere 24 x 7.

I guess I can only say that if you want a cruise experience a notch or so above mass market, but not quite in the luxury category, HAL will be for you. All I can suggest is trying a HAL cruise ... maybe one on a Vista class ship if you want a bit more varied of a nightlife ... and see how you like it. It will either be for you or not. And, if not, you can try another line next time around.

Also, if you can tell us a bit about yourself ... what you want to be able to do on your cruise ... how you would like to spend your sea days and your evenings aboard, maybe we can provide some guidance as to whether a HAL sailing would be suited to you, or if perhaps another line might meet your needs better.

Blue skies ...

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