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CA Cruiser,

Originally Posted by You
tennisbum, the champagne waterfall doesn't start until 11:30pm. Are you saying if someone chooses to have dinner at the buffet in shorts or casual wear, he shouldn't be entitled to enjoy this event too? Because of the late hour, many ppl have retired to their cabins and just come back to see this spectacular event.
All passengers most certainly are entitled to attend the shows, the special events, etc., on "formal" evenings, regardless of where they choose to dine.

Of course, the norms of social etiquette require that one wear proper attire to each venue. Thus, those who dine in "casual" attire, either on the Horizon Court or in their cabins, should change into the proper evening attire before going to the shows, to special events such as the Captains' "Welcome Aboard" Cocktail Party and the "Champagne Waterfall" party, or to any other events or activities that are not in the ship's designated "casual" areas. Failure to do so shows an extreme lack of class.

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